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Alexander Rybak tour dates S09

May 21st, 2009 by admin

Alexander Rybak`s schedule, already full of concerts & festivals this summer….


Did not even fit into this cool-free-vector-template.

In addition:

  • Aug 21 – Grimstad
  • Aug 28 – Tromsø
  • Sept 04 – Skien
  • Sept 06 – Trysil
  • Sept 18 – Gjøvik

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  • “30´´

    Isn´t he going to do a tour to another European country? Maybe… to Spain?? =D


  • FauxPas

    Well, I supose he will do some additional conserts in Europe:)

    Alexander`s managment knows further details, you can contact them at

  • “30´´

    Ok! Thanks!
    But where did you get that address? I mean, is it reliable?

  • Alice Rybak

    Oh my days plz come to britain i would love to see you
    I lvoe you so much!ahaha
    Mrs Rybak x

  • Mõmmi

    I would love to see him in Tallinn ( Estonia ) .

    LOVE HIM !


    mrs rybak (K)
    i really want you to come to england.

  • Jack

    it would be amazing if you would tour around the UK

  • Rachel

    i really hope he journies to the UK, but not just to London

  • Anastasia

    I think that Alexander should do his tour around Europe and he should come to Greece!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Silke Marie Jensen

    I think Alexander should come to Denmark, and warm up for Paolo Nutini! They are the best!

  • Rachael Kirsopp

    I love Alexander Rybak and i think he should definately come to England!!!

  • nataliya

    PLEAAAAASE COME TO CALIFORNIA! Not that many people know about you here but Im your biggest fan! I love your music. Your a great musician. ;)

  • Ashley Bing

    I am with Nataliya You should come to California (Los Angeles would be the best). I would love to travel to one of these amazing places where Mr. Rybak is playing. Him being out of the US and me being a college student does not working in my favor.


    isn´t he coming to MEXICO, people would love him, I LOVE HIM, I LOVE HIS PASSION FOR MUSIC

  • FauxPas

    Im sure he would enjoy the California/mexican sun, cause right now Norway is turning into an Ice-box! I`ll tell him he`s got fans over seas too…may be he`ll fly by:)

  • Tina Luis

    I love Alexander Rybak! I love his music, especially his violin playing!!. He should come back the the United States (preferably Indianapolis), Please come Alex. Everyone would love you!!!

    P.S. My friends and I think your Awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  • AlexRybakFann

    Hi Alex! I am really looking foward to your summer tour.I think you’re really good violin player and I loved your appearance on ESC ( I was voting for u btw) ;)
    I wish u to come to Croatia in summer!! Please come to Zagreb. I will be overjoyed!
    Kisses From Croatia

  • Rodolfo

    I loved your music, i love norway and is one of the countries i would like to know someday. I can’t stop watching your perfomance of Fairytale at ESC 2009, it was the best song in many years in my opinion. If anyday you could make a concert here in Brazil, you should know that you already have a brazillian fan.