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Azerbaijan and the Unsolved Karabakh Conflict

February 27th, 2010 by admin

Even though the armed conflict between Republic of Armenia and Republic of Azerbaijan ended in 1994, its still a source of tension.

“With the massive investments Statoil has in Azerbaijan (the second biggest oil-company in Azerbaijan), Norway’s presence should not be overlooked. Can such a Norwegian presence be used to strengthen Azerbaijani development of democracy and human rights, or is Norway’s interest merely financial”

So, before accepting your $$$ statoil sponsorship, while casting a vote for the Azerbaijan Eurovision participant, it would be smart to know a little about international relations and which part you are prepare to take in it!!!

Or maybe not?

What one really would like to know is, who will represent Azerbaijan in the Norwegian Eurovision 2010 finale? After the previous two years in ar row superb contributions, lets hope this time they send a winner!

Three times a charm.

TEAM Azerbaijan

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