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January 9th, 2011 by admin

My eyes…MY EYES!!

The webmaster sure did not hold back on the color-hue tweaking.

That shade of pink is almost offencive.

Well, each to their own.

Looking past the initial color-shock, borderline visual offencive web crime. Comfort Xpress introduces a brand new hotel concept, rather promising. In other words, Oslo just got a brand new breed of hotels. 

Filling the major gap right between the Tokyo capsule hotels in one end, and traditional bed & breakfast in the other. Providing shelter for a whole new generetion of consumers, the social-mobile-interactive generation.

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Last word: love the naming of their target segment as “mobile people”, that just genius!  Credit to who ever came up with that.

Last last word: just remember that “the Internet people” can be rather cruel & reckless. And as pioneers you are pron to lethal stabs, specially in the months to come.


Oh, and one last tip: You might want to purchase a few extra company smartphones, put them in a box marked “emergency only”, and then, when you find one of your “mobile guest” crying, shivering in a corner of the staircase, barely able to utter a few words, stating the obvious “I..have…LOST…my….my..(moment of utter despair)…. phone!” Now, you can “save their life”, by pulling out the “emergency phone box” and lend out one it until their phone reappears or a permanent replacement is acquired. 

I am no expert, have no marketing degree, but that kind of service is priceless!

Best of luck.

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