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Demarche on Social Media

September 24th, 2011 by admin

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Response to FM Stoers article (click) in Dagsavisen, 22 September 2011.

Lets begin with the end. What slightly concerns me is Mr. Stoere`s remark against anonymity on the internet. Now what is wrong with that?

My argument: At the year 2005/2006 something troubling, an inconvenient truth began to emerge from the Norwegian mindset. Not only the time of a certain persons ultimate quest for radicalization, leaving conventional politics for a different and much less acceptable path of action. It was also the time of a very significant (and to me, retrospectively surprising demarche of concern from the United States embassy, this document (click).

2005/2006 a time which according to my calculations appear to, for some reason,  to be quite significant. (though, that’s just my opinion)

On a side note: for once to share something quite personal.

In that very year shift of 2005/2006 me and my “partner in crime” happened to land the cover of Norway’s main tabloid news papers, Dagbladet and VG. Due to some quite bold statement (non political, but still).

Now, was my parents happy about that?

No. They were not. (Well, my father was fine with the whole thing, but my mother had a nervous breakdown)

Anyway, is that freedom of speech?

I do not think so.

The fact is, that the “surprising” issues the US embassy raise in this cable (click), is as a matter of fact a very real issue. And, without drawing conclusions, it may very well have contributed to the disastrous attack that striked our little nation, during the so called summer of 2011.

In my opinion, the pros of anonymity on the internet by far outweighs the disadvantages. Nevertheless, anonymity on the internet is relative. If desired, one can easily identify anyone (by their real full name+). Something which holds true for approximately 90 % of those appearing “incognito” on the internet, something which is fine and tolerated by the incognitos (me included).

And the point of appearing anonymous on the internet, is not primarily to hide identity or to not own up to your opinions. For most people, its basically because it bears no relevance.

Well, that is really my whole point.

So why does this  anonymity on the internet trouble you Mr.  Stoere? It troubling you is troubling me. Though it might just be semantics. I certainly hope so.

On the other hand, it may so be that this communal repression of the so called “freedom of speech” is a small price to pay for whatever peace and stability we enjoy so much in this little land, at least it might have been a small price to pay up until this summer. Or, what was supposed to be the summer of 2011, but never was.

Lets just think about that for a little. Keep in mind.

And take a look at a few more quotes from US cables:

One cable highlights (click) and i quote

“Norwegians truly believe that there is something inherently good about being Norwegian and that Norway has a special role in promoting peace globally. Those who do not agree with Norway’s priorities are viewed as at best misguided and at worst morally wrong. ”

Now, where have I read that before?

“..this approach as what makes Norway a driven and dedicated partner can also make it a loose cannon.”

Now, did this just not happen?

Have anyone thought about this? No, didn’t think so.

May be the time is now? Its about time now.

Two last quote of caution:

“At times Norwegian leaders can be so convinced of the rightness of their cause that they are unable to understand that like-minded leaders could think differently.”


“be aware that Norway has a record of striking off on its own even in the face of international consensus, when the issue at hand has a moral aspect which Norway feels cannot be ignored.”

True that. We have something to work on.

Finally, let me again oppose Mr. Stoeres`s statement on anonymity on the internet. Relative anonymity on the internet is one of its greatest features, enabling most of whatever attributed to social medias success in Arab Sprig revolutions. That being said. Anonymous or not. Everyone should be considerate and take into account their effect on other people or institutions. But that is obvious. Whether anonymous or not, whether on the internet or in the so-called reality.

Now, is our little pond of tranquil bliss ready for all this?

I say. Yes we are. We have to be.

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  • Egil Fiskevaevei

    I find the text Demarche on Social Media interesting, to say the least! Your arguments are quire solid, and your views on anonymity make sense. @iOttar