One step behind…

Dont try this at home, do it i public!

August 24th, 2008 by admin

Taking the chartered Moods party-bus, slightly intoxicated can bring out the best in everyone.

This fun-loving girl, displayed her preference for dangling from the hand-holding-thing in the ceiling rather than sitting down on a boring old seat, like everybody else. Looks like fun, fun, fun….


After some ordinary parteeeeeey rambling, she managed to persuade a fellow passenger whom she previously didn`t know, to join her. (He needed a little additional support from his friends, just to push him over the edge…)

Seconds later, they looked very comfortable hanging there. He is such a catch, she sure knows how to pick up a guy…

And strangely enough, they didnt require that magic little touch/(over touch) of Photoshop post editing. That’s rare…


After safely climbing/falling down, the male part of the acrobatic-duo, helped the female fitting back into her shoe which had fallen off…just like Cinderella.

This was nothing but a perfect match, made in part-time freak heaven.

Do I hear wedding bells? Do I hear grandchildren asking….did you really meet grandpa hanging upside down on the bus?

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