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Fantasy and Simulacrum by Ikè udè

March 22nd, 2009 by admin

Paris Hilton and pink champagne…

at the grand opening of Ikè Udè`s hilton-ish exhibition.


Its not necessarily a bad sign that watching people watching the art is more fascinating than the art-pieces de facto. Its a sign of quality.

One of the main attractions, a mirror suitcase containing a photoshopped Miss Hilton, admired by three girls and man with a limp wrist. Very contemporary…


Udè`s extensive use of mirrors were interesting. Some works allowed you to experience a contact lens free Paris Hilton-eye, right next to your own. 

Small pieces of reflected reality, you, side by side with princess of the Paparazzies.

At Stenersenmuseet march 19th – may 10th.  

Its hawt.

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