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G-star Magnus Carlsen

July 9th, 2010 by admin

Nice career move.

Unfortunately, though Magnus Carlsen and the G-star collection both are kinda hawt, the add is just not working (two rights can make a wrong!!) Leaving him looking more like a twilight wolf pack reject…

On the other hand, considering he IS a chess player, hence this move is not the end, just an unexpected opening, leaving as all to wonder.

What will his next move be?

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  • Calvin Amari

    This is actually a brilliant move by G-Star. Rather than a mere model or some celebrity who is famous-for-being-famous, Magnus carries the utterly unique aura of his fantastic abilities and achievements. Chess may not be an arena that many people know in detail, but everybody knows enough to respect it. Ideas, terms and images from the game have long been presented in all media as proxies for intelligence, complexity, creative strategy and exacting performance under pressure. Compared to feeble chess imagery that we see so often in ads, those concepts are underscored so much more sharply by presenting the miraculously young world’s best player.