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October 14th, 2010 by admin

This week our brightest spotlight shines on

A national bank of resources providing doctors and other caregivers equal access to the latest & most up to date cancer treatment protocols.

First; In addition to catering to the professionals, the site provides a great opportunity for patients and their loved ones getting extensive information about what the different treatments entails.

Second; though Google and The all mighty Internet in general is no ones certified oncologist, there is no doubt about it serving as a first line consultation when noticing something might be wrong. This is where oncolex contrasting the majority of web-sites does not fall into the trap of highlighting random symptoms or link you up with shady and costly ”experimental” cancer treatments. Oncolex is rather quite unique in its way of providing extensive and detailed information on complex matters, using medical terminology while still being organized and simplified in a way that makes it relevant to the general public. 

Third; they have even created an iPhone app available from the App Store (No sign of an android application jet, hopefully that`s in the making!)

“Let`s share what we know”

Last word; If in doubt, make an appointment with your doctor and get it checked out. Early diagnosis is, statistically speaking, considered one of the  best predictors of successful treatment of any cancer.

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