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Meanwhile in Norway

September 17th, 2011 by admin

While the White house and the British Parliament both are highly guarded buildings. Norway’s  humble house of governance, evidentelly was not proteced in anyway.

Lets take a CCTV trip back in time. A minor case study if you like, lets go back to 22 July 2011.

22.07.11 – 15:16:07

To your far right, primeminister Jens Stoltenberg`s office. (not very fancy, but gets the job done).

To your low right and far left, random passersby`s. Probably heading home from work this gloomy summer afternoon. (And may I add, not a second too soon)

22.07.11 – 15:16:30

A lorry-truck with a 950 kg homemade bomb was swiftly put just outside the entrance. A lone man in something which resembles a SWAT-uniform left the car.

Suspicious? No.

22.07.11 – 15:17:30


Before running further away, holding a very visible glock in his left  HAND.

Supsissious? Yes, a little.

By this point, the now suspected terrorist was actually identified, just before the great.. KABOOOOOM!

Immediately, one of the surviving guards (in a bunker under ground) picked up the still functional hotline phone to the police, and made a quick statement:

“Darn, a bomb just went off”

To be continued.

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