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Norway and immigration through the eyes of WikiLeaks

April 18th, 2012 by admin

Lets take a look at Norway pre 22/7 2011 through the eyes of WikiLeaks.

Judging from American diplomatic cables, Norway was facing serious problems regarding immigration and integration.

Lets go through some out takes. (PS: These are not facts, but opinions and observations of US diplomats!)

[1] Pakistani Norwegians Ripe For Radicalization? (2007)

“there are concerns that even more conflict and further radical figures are to be found beneath the surface”


Norwegians truly believe that there is something inherently good about being Norwegian and that Norway has a special role in promoting peace globally. (Photo:  Erlend Aas / Scanpix)

[3] Norway Has Terrorists? The Rising Tide Of Anti-semitism And Extremism In Norway (2006)

combination of extremism and anti-Semitism is a surprise to many Norwegian authorities and with very few exceptions they seem uncertain how to combat it in public.

Norway is justifiably proud of its reputation as a country for free speech, but this seems to hamper their ability to respond vigorously against radical views.

[4] Minority Anger In Norway Rises (2009)

This aspect shocked many Norwegians who like to believe that integration of immigrant populations is more advanced in Norway than other European countries.

However, the causes of the violence accompanying these demonstrations appears to stem at least as much from frustration about deeper integration issues, despite the GON,s (Norwegian Government’s) denial.

[5] Norway’s Immigration Policy A Hot Topic In Public Debate (2009)

the Labor Party is being held largely responsible in the media for measures implemented so far to try to curb the steady stream of asylum applicants coming to Norway.

it is unlikely that FrP’s more radical immigration policy ideas would be implemented due to sharp opposition from other political parties in parliament and Norway’s predominantly consensus-based political and legislative process.

[6] The Unlikely Oslo Peace Conference (2007)

The Norwegian public genuinely believes they can make a difference resolving conflicts worldwide and are willing to commit substantial time and capital to the effort.


Norway still lags behinds its neighbors in awareness and preparedness for terror incidents but we will use this momentum to fight prevailing opinion that “it couldn’t happen here.

we repeatedly press Norwegian authorities to take terrorism seriously. We will seek to build on this momentum to fight the still-prevalent feeling that terrorism happens elsewhere, not in peaceful Norway

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Go brows through the cables yourself at:

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