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January 22nd, 2012 by admin

Oh, the drama.

After a few months in blissfull twiter existance, the oslo police meet with its evil twin. Or, arch nemesiss if you like.

An account pretending to be @oslopolotiops, tweeting like there was no tomorrow, for instance:

“Alerted about a Hysterical woman, turned out to be nothing but a claustrophobic woman locked in here one-piece with a defect zipper”

For the record, it is (according to Norwegian law) illegal to give an impression that you are police if you are not, hence the account is beeing investigated.

Such a shame.

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Meanwhile, in Norway VI

January 12th, 2012 by admin

In the land of oil and welfare, politicians them self must take on the tough job of occupying the city. (photo: unge venstre)

In the name of “affordable housing for everyone”, – a collation of right-wing, left-wings and center-wing youth politicians put up a tent camping the heart of the city.  (photo: Målfrid Bordvik)

No sign of riot police yet.


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Balto – Norwegians save the world, again!

December 28th, 2011 by admin

At least a snowed inn village in Alaska, in 1925.

When a epidemic (Diphtheria) struck the far out Alaskan town of Nome, the only thing that could save them was a shipment of Anti-serum. The road was closed, so the only thing that could bring it across the frozen tundra was a sledge pulled by dogs.

Indians tried, Eskimoes tries, but in the end they all faild.

Then, the sledge dog Balto arrived, a husky trained by Norwegian expat Gunnar Kaasen.

After a few days, they too got stuck.

There was a blissard and pitch dark. Mr. Kassen had no idea where they were.

Then, Balto steped up his game and took charge of the expedition and lead them to the willage.

When the finally arrived, against all odds. Mr. Kassen handed the anti-serum to the local doctor and saved the entire town.

Balto became a hero in the entire United States.

You can go see a statue of him in Central Park, New York.

A Disney motion picture

Or a Carl Barks story


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Amundsen wannabes reach the south pole, eventually!

December 13th, 2011 by admin

Hundred years after Amundsen reached the south pole, two Norwegian adventures following in his footsteps, copycatting his achievements  – decided to ditch the skies and go by plan the last 80 kilometers instead.

Amundsen and his crew 1911

Copycatters 2011 (Photo: Hvitserk)

Though, that being said.

A- for effort.


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Meanwhile in Norway V

December 11th, 2011 by admin

Oh, dear lord.

The entire kingdom of Norway is out of butter.

Kind of thing that only happens in social democracies I mean social byrocrasies.

Where is the UN?


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Eau de Cocktail

December 6th, 2011 by admin


Dont know how to feel about this.

Sure looks good.

Tho, a bit generic. No?

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The Breivik-trial part I

November 14th, 2011 by admin

Today was the first day journalists were allowed to refer from the Oslobomb-trial, Utoya-trial, 22july-trial, or Breivik-trial. Call it whatever you want.

For the first time, the public was allowed to get glimpse of Ander Behring Breivik`s twisted mind. (Drawing: Esther Maria Bjørneboe / NRK)

Focusing on the details, what Anders failed to realize prior to his “mission” to “save Norway”, is that first of all.. Norway did not want to be saved (reference click), second – that the sort of radical Islamisation he fear, only has happened in regions torn apart by war and conflict.

One example of this is Afghanistan, a country which was not radicalized until the late 80s, after being used as a battlefield for the USA and the USSR for a decade.

When people is exposed to such violence for extended period of time, even a Sharia-state seems like blessing, as a promises of peace and predictability. Most people prefer that over terror.

It’s also worth to noticing that Anders`s initial statement, that he is “the leader of the anticommunist movement” is glorifying none other than the highly dysfunctional and most recently massively opposed 1%`s.

Now only time will tell if it possible to deconstruct a flawfull system peacefully (as Anders in his manifesto claim is not possible). I on the other hand, I am quite sure it is possible.

Only time will tell.

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Meanwhile in Norway IV

November 12th, 2011 by admin

On July 23. 2011 CNN asked an open question:

“Will Norway stay the same after this? Or, will it for ever change?” (Like America changed post 9/11)

I for one, boldly and slighly offended answered ” Oh no u guys, we will continue to be the very same bordeline naive nation as we always were”

Little did I know how close to the truth I was. (photo: Erlend Wiborg)

This incognito lorry truck placed right out side the parliament during the  (oh, the irony!)  22. Juliy hearing debating Norways alertnes and ability to prevent and deal with terrorist attacks, was spotted and *snaped*  by FrP Member of Parliament Erlend Wieborg.

In lack of better words to say; facepalm much!

Now, is it really necessary to park any lorry truck until our governmental buildings?

Ill say no.

Its not paranoia or equivalent to invading Iraq – not allowing “anonymous” lorry trucks to park next to governmenmental buildings.

Its common sense.

Make it happen.

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Minister of Justice and the police resigns

November 11th, 2011 by admin

After a though 4 months, Norway’s minister of Justice and the Police  Knut Storberget have decided to resign. One of the reasons might be the massive criticism after the 22. July terror attacks.  (Photo: Erlend Aas/SCANPIX/

For instance, it’s very useful to look at some WikiLeaks documents from the American embassy in Oslo. Stating:

“Norway does not have the physical or technical resources to provide surveillance even for the needs already identified by the Protective Security Service, or PST.”

As one can see from these cables, the intelligence service (PST) was completely under scaled to deal with the modern day complexity of threats.

For instance, there was and is only one, ONE police helicopter in the entire country, and if that was not enough, the chopper was grounded during the holidays (and the terror attacks) to save money.

Point is. As the US embassy have spoken up about numerous times, both publicly and behind closed doors, stating that Norway is completely lost when it comes to anti-terror and lacking both a legal framework and funding to up security to decent level.

For the common Norwegian, this has never been an issue. But the consequences, the sight of our SWAT-team setting of towards Utoya island in a overcrowded inflatable boat, which started sinking half way.

Makes one *shudder*

Though, they eventually were able to get to Utoya island after hijacking a civilian boat, the scene still haunts most of us.

Even though there is only one guilty person in this scenario, one can question if Mr. Storberget somehow is responsible for the clumsy handling, the enormous loss of life throughout this attack?

The answer is both yes and no. As minister of justice, it is his formal irresponsibility to make sure to get that extra dip in to the petroleum fond and to keep at least one operative police chopper available at all times (That is not too much to ask). Second, one needs to be able to make adjustments in legislation’s to fit our rapidly changing world. In that respect, he failed.

He failed.

Now, 11.11.11 PM Stoltenberg has appointed an entire new ministry to replace the old dysfunctional one.

The Ministry of justice and alertness

Hopefully, that will succeed.

Fingers crossed.

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Why WikiLeaks and Assange are wrong about Sweden.

November 4th, 2011 by admin

This is a reply to Professors Blogg

The reason Sweden don’t speak up, is because they don’t really care..  (Though they should care, as a courtesy, about the WL/Assange issue) First, let me say that the reason they don’t “speak up” is not because they are embarrassed that USG “run” their Nation. As they matter of fact don’t do, it’s only in semi-control of issues utterly unimportant to the Swedish government and the Swedish people. OK?

On the contrary, they should care, and they should speak up in favor of Assange, but that is their ONLY mistake (not speaking up). And the only reason I would somewhat agree on WikiLeaks vendetta against Sweden.

Though, let me say this, this vendetta against Sweden is only making it worse for you. If you want to “win” better chose your enemies more carefully.

The so-called enemy is USG. Not Sweden.

I’ll now give a few examples of US puppetry

  • Depleting Norway’s anti-terrorism resources: (click)
  • Ignoring Norway’s sovereignty (not that we really care, but still) by running an undercover surveillance thing, partly approved by PST (similar to, if not to say EXACTLY same as the Sweden issue): (click)
  • Depleting Pakistan’s anti-terrorism resources, laying the groundwork for the increase of extremism and violence seen in the country. (Ok, can’t re-find the link to this statement. But its true, and please tell me if you find the document)

And, last but not least, you can not blame a foreign nations media to be biased towards the interest of its nation. Though you can criticize it. Do not condemn it.


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