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Per Spook`s fashion on a plate

August 20th, 2008 by admin

A well-done crossover between food and fashion, the yin & yang of the good life!

Per Spook`s recent dinner service Bistro succeeds in being plesant, interesting and usable. At the same time, fun and relaxed. Eating a Croissant out of this plate, takes away some of your worries about the….consequences. (Photo:


Working with fabrics as a fashion designer have its limitations. His transitioning in to the glasswork-industry (1996) have been very successful. Contrasting Ari Behn who went from being a writer, to designing a (tacky and outdated-Peacock) dinner service for the same glassware company.

Per Spook on the other hand, deliveries something meaningful and fresh. With perfectly shaped lines that only a true artist could create… 

Its already a classic…(IMO)

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