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Pink mining

October 4th, 2011 by admin

Due to a typo (at least that’s what they say), the new monster truck or mining at the colonial island of Svalbard turned out pink and pastel green (Miami vice style) instead of a sober white.

Thinking of it, who in their right mind orders a white maschine for mining coal. That color would not last for long anyways i presume.

On the bright side (there really is only bright sides to this story:)

The manager of the mines Per Nilssen, welcomed the flamboyant maschine with open arms – stating that it would help bring out our softer sides (as one might suspect, it can get quite gloomy in those mines)

One a side note. Was this really a typo or are we talking guerrilla marketing?

Cause, where have I seen that shade of pink before.

Just saying.

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