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Promotion and protection of human rights

February 29th, 2012 by admin

United Nations A/C.3/66/L.44/Rev. 11 November 2011 – adopted by @OccupyOslo


The UN calls upon all States to promote and give full effect to the Declaration onthe Right and Responsibility of Individuals, Groups and Organs of Society toPromote and Protect Universally Recognized Human Rights and FundamentalFreedoms, including by taking, as appropriate, practical steps to that end;



The UN welcomes the reports of the Special Rapporteur of the Human RightsCouncil on the situation of human rights defenders and her contribution to theeffective promotion of the Declaration and the improvement of the protection of human rights defenders worldwide;



The UN condemns all human rights violations committed against personsengaged in promoting and defending human rights and fundamental freedomsaround the world, and urges States to take all appropriate action, consistent with theDeclaration and all other relevant human rights instruments, to prevent andeliminate such human rights violations;



The UN calls upon all States to take all measures necessary to ensure theprotection of human rights defenders, at both the local and the national levels,including in times of armed conflict and peacebuilding;



The UN calls upon States to respect, protect and ensure the rights to freedom of expression and association of human rights defenders and in this regard to ensure,where procedures governing registration of civil society organizations exist, thatthese are transparent, non-discriminatory, expeditious, inexpensive, allow for thepossibility to appeal and avoid requiring re-registration, in accordance with nationallegislation, and are in conformity with international human rights law;



The UN also calls upon States to ensure that human rights defenders can performtheir important role in the context of peaceful protests, in accordance with nationallegislation consistent with the Charter of the United Nations and internationalhuman rights law, and in this regard to ensure that no one is subject to excessive andindiscriminate use of force, arbitrary arrest and detention, torture and other cruel,inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, enforced disappearance, abuse of criminal and civil proceedings or threats of such acts;



The UN urges States to ensure that any measures to combat terrorism andpreserve national security are in compliance with their obligations underinternational law, in particular under international human rights law, and do nothinder the work and safety of individuals, groups and organs of society engaged inpromoting and defending human rights;



The UN also urges States to take appropriate measures to address the question of impunity for attacks, threats and acts of intimidation committed by State andnon-State actors, including cases of gender-based violence, against human rightsdefenders and their relatives, including by ensuring that complaints from humanrights defenders are promptly investigated and addressed in a transparent,independent and accountable manner;



The UN urges all States to cooperate with and assist the Special Rapporteur inthe performance of her mandate and to provide all information in a timely manner,as well as to respond without undue delay to communications transmitted to them bythe Special Rapporteur;



The UN calls upon States to give serious consideration to responding favourablyto the requests of the Special Rapporteur to visit their countries, and urges them toenter into a constructive dialogue with the Special Rapporteur with respect to thefollow-up to and implementation of her recommendations, so as to enable theSpecial Rapporteur to fulfil her mandate even more effectively;



The UN strongly encourages States to translate the Declaration and to takemeasures to ensure its widest possible dissemination at the national and local levels,among public officials as well as individuals, groups, organs of society and othernon-State actors;



The UN encourages States to promote awareness and training in regard to theDeclaration in order to enable officials, agencies, authorities and members of the judiciary to observe the provisions of the Declaration and thus to promote betterunderstanding and respect for individuals, groups and organs of society engaged inpromoting and defending human rights, as well as for their work;



The UN encourages relevant United Nations bodies, including at the countrylevel, within their respective mandates and working in cooperation with States, togive due consideration to the Declaration and to the reports of the SpecialRapporteur, and in this context requests the Office of the United Nations HighCommissioner for Human Rights to draw the attention of all relevant United Nationsbodies, including at the country level, to the reports of the Special Rapporteur;



The UN requests the Office of the High Commissioner, as well as other relevantUnited Nations bodies, offices, departments and specialized agencies, within theirrespective mandates, to consider ways in which they can assist States instrengthening the role and security of human rights defenders, including insituations of armed conflict and peacebuilding;



The UN requests all concerned United Nations agencies and organizations,within their mandates, to provide all possible assistance and support to the SpecialRapporteur for the effective fulfilment of her mandate, including through countryVisits;



The UN requests the Special Rapporteur to continue to report annually on heractivities to the General Assembly and to the Human Rights Council in accordancewith her mandate;



The UN decides to consider the question at its sixty-eighth session under the item entitled “Promotion and protection of human rights”.

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