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The ESC televote mystery

May 23rd, 2009 by admin

Disturbing news are circulating the media these days.  

According to which, the Norwegian televotes were mysteriously lost. The official ESC-website state:

“In Norway, a technical mistake from the local telephone operator meant that both the telephone and SMS votes were unable to be counted. As a result, Norway’s jury vote was used”

Telenor, the local telephone operator, claim to be innocent and that they have provided the televotes according to guidelines.

Now, lets take a closer look at how the televoting processes was conducted step by step:

  • 22.xx – Everyone is voting for their favorite (at least two times, and one additional sympathy vote for Sweden)
  • 23.05 – The televoting lines close.
  • 23.07 – Telenor sends the votes to the German tele operator who`s in charge of collecting the votes from all over Europe. The process is confirmed by the operator.
  • 23.10 – Telenor sends a signed fax, stating the same televotes as accounted for in the preceding step. Afterwards, they receive a confirmation stating everything’s in order.

Considering these opposing statements from Telenor and ESC, someone is not telling the truth. As host nation for ESC 2010, Norway can not afford such careless technical errors (or sabotage?) to occur anywhere or at anytime!

Because when it comes to Eurovision, there is no second best.

The winner takes it all…

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