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The Swarovski crutch

December 21st, 2009 by admin

They say money does not make happy.

But, when you fall down the stairs of your luxurious Bygdøy mansion, breaking one leg in three different places, I beg to differ!

As do heiress Kathrine Fredriksen…


A cast + custom made diamond crutches sure makes humping around allot more fun. (*photo Paul Weaver)

Unfortunately, my financial “pre-christmas situation” does not allow buying the Saturday edition of Dagbladet, the only paper which managed to get a picture of Katherine and the crutches. (a substitute *photo featuring the Fredriksen twins and Celina midelfart with a broken arm in a cast, hidden behind a blond Fredriksen twin, at the opening of her salone will do as a substitute) 

Hopefully the crutches will find their way to the museum of medical supplies, if such a museum exist! Or to a Vogue diasbility-accessories issue…

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