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Trending Topic – Molde

November 10th, 2010 by admin

BREAKING (yesterdays) NEWS!

The small pittoresque town of Molde have finally made its debut as a world wide trending topic on Twitter. Quite an accomplishment for a town with only 24 421 inhabitants (even though it only stayed “trendy” for a few hours).

This sudden rise in popularity is most likely due to the return of  former Manchester united superstar Ole Gunnar Solskjær signing on to coach Molde`s football team. Though some through and investigative journalism on my behalf might reveal a different, and certainly more interesting reason.

Just take a look at the ancient coat-of-arms for the municipality (county) of Molde bearing a striking resemblance to Twitters infamous fail whale, doesn`t it?


Anyways, lets trow some more fuel onto this #Molde twitter publicity fire.

Moving on to the critically acclaimed masterpiece known as The Atlantic bridge, financed by Norwegian tax-payers, loved and endorsed by car commercial producers all over the world!

Second (and last but not least), a great opportunity to spotlight Molde`s architectural masterpiece Rica seilet hotel, giving Burj Al Arab a run for its customers.

Great for Twitpics!

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